I am happy that you are here!
You scanned it!
Explore me!

Our Past

We already had so many great times together

Rome, London, NYC ...

Breathtaking holidays all around the world and there are more to come!


We were a great couple on many celebrations with friends and famalies

Fun Times

We had so much fun together and always getting each other to smile.

For 8 long years

It's hard to believe but we bear each other now for more than 8 years. Let's turn that number 90°.

Our Present

Yes it is painful currently - but it makes us stronger. Just think about our future and what it will hold for us.

She said YES!

Our Amazing Dreams

Let's achieve them together!


Build our future together abroad.

Be part of our wedding dream!

Cross your finger... and wait for your invitation

Gorgeous Villa in Tuscany

Barberino Val d'Elsa, Toscana, Italy


Let's travel through the world for the rest of our lives